In today’s competitive small business environments, business owners and entrepreneurs alike have had no option but to diversify. is a small business, located in Los Angeles County, California, and we are an innovative start-up.  As part of LivNETprime, a broadband service broker, was started to provide a great service, excellent customer service experience, and to use all of our resources to help local small business owners achieve their full potential. is a company founded by seasoned business owners, brilliant marketing majors, and tough sales executives, and relentless entrepreneurs.


  • Carlos Sanchez is no-nonsense entrepreneur who likes to invest in innovative but practical businesses. With over 10 years of experience in starting and managing a handful of successful businesses, Mr. Sanchez brings all his experience to help, Inc. grow to the next level of enterprise business.
  • Justin Tipton has a vast experience in team building and sales process infrastructure.  Mr. Tipton’s motivation to grow as a professional is what moves, Inc’s sales force forward day by day.  Mr. Tipton personally visualizes to be the next generation of telecom providers worldwide. knows what it takes to start and develop a business. has been a local for the past 3 years, and has been using its parent company’s established resources to create a name and brand for itself.  We very well understand what it’s like to be a start-up.  As a start-up we want to be part of a community that celebrates and recognizes small business owners who are taking a courageous approach to the way they do business.  Small business innovators are the doers and shakers who know where their business is heading and are not afraid to take calculated risks to build their company.  It is an honor and we are humbled to be in the community of small businesses.


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