Entrepreneur, a word if you do not know it’s meaning at first glance you think at least rare. It is inevitable to stop and think about what it means when the answer lies right under our noses.

Entrepreneur is neither more nor less than a person who wants to create their own business, create something out of nothing, launch their own projects, etc. and while doing this trying to be profitable. Not all entrepreneurs are the same, or have the same qualities, but considering the definition of Entrepreneur all who are one, can intimately relate to each other.

Is the person who assumes the risks for creating their own business that starts from its principles and gives its own mission, vision and values. They can fail, yes, but this does not take away from being an entrepreneur. They can also succeed.

And while an entrepreneur is a person like you, like me, and like everyone else, the reality is that not everyone has an entrepreneurial spirit. There are many types of entrepreneurs, and some do it out of necessity, but take much more than an idea and carry it out. Being an entrepreneur is much more than we can imagine.

The entrepreneur is an innovative person by nature, they know how to identify the opportunities related to their sector, interest and strengths, is able to trust their ideas and take risks. They can even have the qualities of leadership, motivation, optimism, resolution capabilities, creativity and many others. They find an opportunity and seek to develop it, and create a business plan that can be profitable.
An Entrepreneur may vary well become a good CEO in the company that they created. In often cases, in a well-run company, the business will create a great CEO.  Even at the top, a great Entrepreneur will have passion for what they do. If they fail they rise again, for his entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than everything else.

This term is related to entrepreneurship, the ability to develop innovative projects and get benefit from it. There may be one who has other motivations, but considering the meaning of the word itself the key is in the pursuit of profit.


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