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PBX Features

aka Interactive Voice Response (IVR) empowers your company to professionally greet callers and interact with callers. As well as providing a logical menu for your company to properly route calls to your employees or departments. Automated attendants or IVRs are very popular and can be a great tool for caller and telephony interactions beyond the typical sales press 1 and for support press 2 scenarios. For that reason, our IVR not only allows custom menus to be created on the fly, but also allows to create unlimited nested menus and unlimited IVRs for your advanced routing needs. Callers will be greeted by a recording and they can either press the extension directly or press the corresponding number on their phone to ring a certain department

Call Detail Records is the equivalent of a call history. Your business calls available at your fingertips. Our advanced CDR gives you reports on all your company calls, whether its inbound, outbound or per extension. As well as filter calls by destination, source, length or other available parameters.

Manage incoming calls by using call queuing. When you have a hue spike of incoming calls, you can professionally hold callers while a representative becomes available by using the call center queue feature based on different strategies, such as round robin, sequentially and many other useful strategies for your call center.

Send and receive message from any extension in your organisation..

Rings mulitple extensions at the same time also called departmental extensions.
Your company directory listing within our Cloud PBX system allows interaction with extensions and users.

A stutter dialtone whenever there is a voicemail on a specific extension to notify the user of an unheard voicemail.

Easily forward your incoming calls to another extension or to external numbers. Call forwarding also allows to do it in a global mode which allows forwarding of overall company calls to outside phone numbers on a global level before it even reaches low system level features.

Create ring Group voicemail box and receive voicemails to ring groups email.

Consolidate Office locations under 1 cloud phone system which allows management of remote extensions from one easy to use portal. You may have one office or multiple offices in different geographic locations and times zones. Use our operator panel to interact with live calls and track employee performance even in remote offices in real time.

Password protected Live monitoring of incoming or outgoing phone calls placed by your extensions even extensions not located in your office, such as remote works, with ease. Most companies prefer to monitor live calls for quality assurance and training purposes.

Create a list of unwanted callers and the system will reject calls from these individuals or companies.

Your company directory listing within our Cloud PBX system allows interaction with extensions and users.

Park active call with just one touch on your phone button. Call parking is a useful feature for phone calls which need to be waiting for a busy extension until the user becomes available to retrieve the call.

Route by Caller ID

Route calls based on caller’s phone number. This is an advanced feature which can allow you to route specific callers based on their caller ID to different departments or people.

The feature allows the user to switch between callers while not losing an already active call by using a second line appearance.
Locate a person extension within the organisation by dialing the first few letters of his last or first name.

Record all calls in your company. Velantro will store these recorded calls for you on our cloud for listening or you can download by logging into your Velantro PBX portal. Please note, If you intend to use recorded calls in the court of law. Proper notice must be given or permission obtained for recording the calls. See call recording laws.

Merge 3 calls into one conversation by pressing of a button on your desk phone or softphone.
Setup Call agents for both your office and teleworkers.
While by default we have a ring tone during the call transfer hold time. You may configure your system to play music or any custom announcement during transferring calls. Feel free to upload your unique transfer music or let us configure it for you.
You may also integrate our state of the art cloud based PBX system with other databases for custom telephony integrations. Our system is flexible enough to allow such CTI possibilities by using our Cloud PBX API.

Flexible Mp3-based System

Music files can be uploaded in wav or mp3 format. Voicemail to email, IVR greetings, Music on hold system use a flexible MP3 based system for practicality.
Retrieve Parked calls from the parking lot with just one touch on your phone button.
This feature allows phone users to automatically reject all incoming calls.
Our system already comes with default music on hold. Feel free to upload your on hold music or let us a record a professional advertising on hold for your company. When your callers are on hold they will hear music mixed with information about your company.
A feature that is used to identify your phone call number and name.
Assign a unique phone ring for each dept or each route that you would like to ring distinctively so you know the call is from a specific number or even based on a specific incoming caller ID. I.e. The marketing calls can ring distinctively when you have a customer trying to buy.
Block unwanted callers via their phone number
911 emergency-calling system that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party’s telephone number
Send and receive fax online.
Click any phone number on the webpage and automatically dial number. Click to call automates your calling need. Just smile and dial!
Inbound calls to your desired destination, such as your call routing may be completely customized based on the time of the day, time or any specific advanced condition that you would like to specify. Velantro PBX is easy to manage yet offers very flexible routing options.
Create a dedicated conference bridge that can be accessed inside and outside of your organization by calling into your conference line. A professional conferencing system which allows administrators to create secure user passwords as well as manage the whole conference experience with our user friendly conference room manager.
Sharing lines between phones allows employees near each other to barge-into live calls without transferring the call to each. Lines are easily shared during the call.
Receive fax to your email. Save paper and go efax!
Make and receive calls from another extension as if it is your extension
Transfer calls to another extension or an outside number without notice to transferee. See. Attended transfer vs blind transfer.
Phone button light indicator for unread messages.
Retrieve an inbound call that is ringing on another extension by dialling a feature code combination.
Also known as Hunt group, configure multiple phones to ring at the same time or in sequence!
Page certain or mulitple extension in your organization.

Protocol conversion is for advanced users which may require a LivVoIP PBX dedicated server instance to be used with different telecommunications protocols. For that reason our server allows live protocol conversion.